Action For Cabbies
London Taxi Radio Interviews Episode 41


Cabbies-250x250In this episode Jamie AKA SuperCabby interviews Artemis & Cher from SaveTaxi who have set up Action for Cabbies to raise funds for the Judicial Review into Transport for London’s licensing or Uber.

Action for Cabbies needs to raise £600.000 for this initiative to move forward to the next stage.

There are 25,000 taxi drivers in London and if every taxi driver pledged to the fund it would only cost each of us £24.00.

There are also hundreds of businesses who earn their living off the back of Taxi drivers who should pledge their support to the fund as without London’s Taxi drivers they basically have no business left.

We have also added a plea from Sean Paul Day onto the end of the interview urging all Taxi drivers to support Action for Cabbies. Sean;s message was not recorded for this episode, but we thought it was so passionate that we thought it should be included.

To pledge your support for the Judicial Review please go to

You can follow Action for Cabbies on Twitter

Or follow Save Taxi at

If the target is not reached the money will not leave your bank account.

If you want an easy to remember URL to tell people to go to for them to pledge just