Cab Chat Radio Show 27th May 2015
with @SuperCabby, @MacTheCab & @MickTheBrit


Issues discussed this week:

Tuesday’s UCG demo at Windsor House.

The Orgs that are supporting the demo and those who are not.

The democratic process at the RMT

Young girls with jeans ripped at the knees? Whats that all about?

Arresting Uber, spy or genuine?

Arresting Uber phone in Radio Show

Next weeks show at the Oak Taxi Cafe

Phil Nelson “Call Me A Cabbie” is coming in next week.

And much more………………..

SuperCabby & MacTheCab’s new format radio show. Both are London Taxi Drivers with 40 years driving London Taxis between them, they share their views and opinions of the London Taxi Trade interspersed with music and Jingles.