Cab Chat Radio Show 29th July 2015

Hosted this week by @SuperCabby, @MacTheCab & @TheHolbornCab


Issues discussed this week.

Joe’s Arrest

Prudential Ride London

Uber/Santander relationship

Faulty Boris buses

Hilary Clinton states that Uber’s contractor economy is dampening wages

TFL stated on their twitter feed that it only takes 3 days to process a license renewal

The Uber driver who threatened cut a young ladies neck!

Gett launch courier service using knowledge boys and girls

Unite open meeting

Save Black Taxis Group interview by Joe

LTC state they have no funds to support the trade

SAS hit on Forge nightclub

LTR is back on Tune In Radio app

Uber delivering Ice Creams

And much, much more……………..
London Taxi Radio’s new format radio show. Hosted this week by SuperCabby, MacTheCab, TheHolbornCab & MickTheBrit, they share their views and opinions of the London Taxi Trade interspersed with music and Jingles.