Cab Chat Radio Show
with SuperCabby & MacTheCab

Special Guests this week include:

Phil Nelson
Mark Bird
Joe Cartwright @TheHolbornCab
Mick Smith @MickTheBrit

Items discussed this week:

Phil Nelsons Call Me A Cabbie
Download Website
Mark Bird’s stage show
Email Mark
Music within the Taxi Trade

UCG Demo on 26th May at Windsor House
Sound Clips that we recorded at the demo


Joe Cartwrights daughter is doing the London to Brighton Cycle ride to raise money for St Josephs Hospice in Hackney, to donate please click here

SuperCabby & MacTheCab’s new format radio show. Both are London Taxi Drivers with 40 years driving London Taxis between them, they share their views and opinions of the London Taxi Trade interspersed with music and Jingles.