Cab Chat Radio Show E101 25-07-2017

Hosted this week by:
@SuperCabby, @MacTheCab, @GentlemanCabbie

Issues Discussed This Week:

– PH Drivers take Uber to Court re Employment Status
– Joe Betram backtracks on her comments that Uber are creating jobs, saying, the word is misused, preferring instead that Uber offer economic opportunities to earn extra money
– Still no word from Sadiq Khan re the Montreal Case where Uber admitted under Oath that they have no part in the booking process whatsoever
– RMT Branch meeting Wednesday 8pm Lucas Arms Grays Inn Road
– RMT have contacted LCD & UCG about a collective trade action if Montreal ruling is binding, But where is the LTDA?
– Sadiq PH Regs Overview, Whay hasn’t he addressed the trade yet?
– PH Feeder Park at Heathrow a complete flop as we predicted
– Protester puts a Blue Plaque outside Noris Johnsons house to celebrate his destruction, destroyer pf cosmopolitan unity!
– Taxi driver dies in Fatal crash into a bus stop in Hornchurch
– Top Gear Xmas Special has been scrapped after Evans Quits amid disastrous ratings

Callers to this episode;

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