Cab Chat Radio Show E104 05-09-2016

Hosted this week by:
@SuperCabby, @MacTheCab, @SeanPaulDay


Issues Discussed This Week:

Val Shawcross has suggested that Taxi drivers should diversify and sell theatre tickets! One suggestion was a condom machine for spontaneous rear seat activity

UCG have sought legal advise over the Credit Card Mandate

Action for Cabbies have asked Rosenblat Solicitors to share any relevant info with UCG lawyers

Indépendant Taxi Alliance launched by drivers from various organisations

Taxi App has launched and is now taking driver subscriptions at £20.00 per month

Uber Eats Riders go on strike complaining that they are earning well below the minimum wage

Uber responds to minimum wage claim by stating it is all about flexible working and its not meant to be a full time job

Lady falls asleep in an Uber and is taken for a 35 mile round trip for a journey that should have taken a few minutes!

Man dies after being hit by an Uber in Morden last week

Geely investing $300 million dollars via Volvo Cars in Uber

And Much More…………

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