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Cab Chat Radio Show E113 07-11-2016

Hosted this week by:
@SuperCabby, @GentlemanCabbie, @SeanPaulDay & @MacTheCab


Issues Discussed this week:

This week Sean Paul Day took his turn at hosting the show and OMG it was like watching a Dyslexic Technophobe trying to work the mixing desk and Jingles computer.

Still he soldiered through with the help of Mac who was sitting opposite him and some semblance of a show ensued.

Sean buggers up the microphones.

We had to restart the show after a false start!

Sean threatens a 5 hour show

Is it ripe that we demonstrate merely over trade issues

IEA/Uber propaganda Youtube video

The Rachel Whetstone connection with the IEA

Mac talks of his lost love

Callers to the Show this week:

Brian from West London Knowledge School
Odd Bobby

And Much More…………

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