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Cab Chat Radio Show E118 12-12-2016

Hosted this week by:
@SuperCabby, @SeanPaulDay, @Iamcabman

Issues Discussed this week:

Is it, or is it not? Are we, are we not? Re: Demo at Bank Junction

Janet street porter’s outburst on cabbie ‘propaganda’ …

Whilst, Anthony Davis of LBC fame is a bit bored

Other Cities do it, and TFL did it with certain YB sectors in 2012. Surely then, TfL can limit PH licenses?

TAXIAPP adverts going down a storm

Luton? Who to blame. Could it happen in london ?

Gett fixed prices, are they worth doing?

And much more………

Callers to the Show this week:

Odd Bob

Brian from West London Knowledge School

And Much More…………

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