Cab Chat Radio Show E82 11-04-2016
Hosted this week by: @SuperCabby,@MacTheCab, @SeanPaulDay


Issues Discussed this week:
– Apps suspending drivers for comments made on Social Media again!
– The problem with VC funded apps where the driver has no right of appeal against a suspension or exclusion!
– UCG Legal challenge against TFL
– Heathrow feeder park for Private Hire Vehicles only the LCDC were against the PH feeder park, Steve Mac said let them have it, its not worth fighting for!e
– Heathrow using the Uber app as a background on some of their advertising.
– Articles written in the press from Black Cab users where drivers go on to slag those user off.
– Make the art of hailing a Taxi sexy again
– Lily Allen on Twitter
– Chariots for Women Launching in the States
– Over ranking at Paddington
– Truck Platooning
– Uber drivers turning on each other
– Enterprise Rent a Car offering cars for Uber drivers
– TFL selling your personal details
– Cash only signs in Taxis even though it is now law that we have to accept credit cards
– Should TFL only be answerable to the Mayor or the should they also answer to the GLA?
– LTDA Branch Meeting Monday 25th April
– iZettle Launch their new Taxi bundle
– Fathers defending daughters update
– More parodies to come from LTR

And Much More…….
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