In this weeks Podcast I interviewed Jim Thomas AKA ThomasTheTaxi from Taxi Leaks.

Taxi Leaks is an online blog that Jim runs where he posts news stories from the Taxi Trade, mainly London biased stories but he also includes some relevant UK or World Taxi stories and articles which he feels may be of interest to London Taxi Drivers.

Jim gained is badge in 1971 after taking 11 months studying the Knowledge of London to become a Licensed London Taxi Driver.

Jim has been driving a Taxi in London for 42 years but still loves doing the job and is extremely passionate about the trade.

This episode of the Podcast is a bit longer than usual and after we had finished the interview Jim and myself continued to chat and I have included some of this at the end of the interview.

Jim is an interesting guy and has obviously seen quite a lot of changes within our trade and I could have quite easily carried on chatting to him for another couple of hours.

I hope you enjoy this episode of the podcast and if there is anyone within our trade that you would like to hear me interview please leave your suggestions by feeling in my Feedback Form