London Taxi Radio Interviews Episode 38

London Taxi PR

LeGOa51qIn this episode SuperCabby interviews Gary & Lee who have formed London Taxi PR

During my 25 years of driving a Taxi in London there has virtually been no PR to speak of promoting the London Taxi.

Gary & Lee are hoping to change that by forming London Taxi PR and raising funds from within the trade to engage PR companies to promote the London Taxi through continual PR and promotional campaigns.

Gary & Lee are collecting money from both drivers and businesses within the trade, receipts are given for any money donated to the cause and they are completely open and honest and invite anyone to scrutinise their books should they so wish.

We have come to a time where PR is king and business is won through engaged PR campaigns, we can no longer expect to rest on our laurels and the fact that we have completed the famous “knowledge of London” to carry us through these difficult times.

We are seeing a downturn in work due to large corporates spending vast amounts of money on PR campaigns to convince the travelling public to use their services rather than ours, giving the public the perception that travelling by London Taxi is expensive and using their service is cheap and efficient which as we well know is not the case.

The London Taxi trade and its drivers are the best in the World, we know we are the best but we need to let the travelling public know we are the best and we need to dispel the rumours that we are expensive, we can achieve this through 2 methods.

1 The driver has to play his part and not broom jobs and accept credit cards, be smart, efficient, polite and present a clean vehicle.

2 Through an engaged PR campaign aimed at those that need to travel around London using personal transport and good PR campaigns cost money.

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