We have learnt quite a lot over the past couple of weeks and one of the main things is that you need a good connection to the internet to run a radio station and the one we have been using has been letting us down quite badly.

We have taken steps to rectify this situation but when dealing with communications companies these things take time as they are never in a rush to get something installed for you.

We are having 2 new broadband connections installed in 2 different locations, we will run 2 seperate instances of the broadcast software from these 2 locations which will give us some resilience, we will also have another instance of the broadcast software installed on a machine that will be used as a final backup that can be brought into action should the other 2 connections fail for any reason.

We have now also sorted out how DJs and Presenters can connect into the system from their own homes using their own laptop/PC to do live shows and of course there is also the option for a show to be prerecorded for broadcast at a later date.

We will be sending out an em,ail over the next few days to all of those who expressed an interest in presenting  a show on the station advising them of various free software options that they can use and also hardware options should they wish to get more fully involved.