imageIn this episode I speak about the TaxiCab App.

We have been getting a lot of questions lately asking, “how’s the app going?” When will the app be available?” so I though that I would speak about how we started, how far we have come, when we realistically expect to have the app available.

I talk about offers that we had from various third party app developers, why we didn’t accept any of the offers and the individual reasons why they were not appropriate for our trade.

I mention some of the things that those involved with the project thought were fundamental for our app to succeed.

I also talk about how the app business will be set up, how the cooperative will work and what drivers can expect from getting involved.

This episode was not scripted and I spoke about the app “off pat” so please excuse some of the pregnant pauses and if I repeat myself please forgive me, this was originally broadcast on London Taxi Radio on Monday 11th August 2014 live.

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