The Hailo Interview
London Taxi Radio Interviews Episode 37


imgresIn this episode I went along with Grant Davis Chairman of the London Cab Drivers Club to interview the new CEO of Hailo Andrew Pennington.

Hailo have recently announced that they are to return to Black Cabs only and have surrendered their Private Hire Operators license and removed the Private Hire (minicab) option from their app.

Hailo applied for a private hire operators license back in 2014 and caused an upset among London’s Taxi drivers as they initially stated that they were Black Cab only and were winning the work back from Private Hire.

35% of active drivers deleted the app and refused to work on the same app as private hire drivers, there were also ugly scenes outside the Hailo office in Great Suffolk Street were angry drivers confronted those involved with Hailo.

Arguments also broke out between friends were one had deleted the app and the other remained working on the app which caused bad feeling within the trade.

This latest announcement by Hailo is obviously a positive move but it will also take a long time for trust to come back into the relationship between drivers and Hailo.

Andrew comes across as being very open, sincere and frank and answered any question that we put to him.

This interview is also available in the LCDC newspaper the Badge.